SUD Model

Landinvest developed the Self Sustainable Urbain Model – SUD Model. HH Inteligência is hired to raise fund (investors) for this social impact Project. Executive summary: the SUD MODEL is an innovative new city, where at same site people can live, work and be socially included with all infrastructure. There are 3 videos that introduce the model and concept, each innovative site is named Bosque Residencial. Bosque Residencial Natal/RN will have 2,500 affordable homes, 224 already constructed, employment generation for more than 12,000 people, through Plataforma da Moda Shopping, Plataforma da Moda app, and co working stations.


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SUD – Bosque Residencial Natal/RN

2,500 affordable houses, 224 build (March 2017), 12,000 employment positions.

SUD – Bosque Residencial Gravatai/RS

4,000 affordable houses, 12,000 employment positions, integration of clothes, furnitures and servisse business.

SUD – Bosque Residencial Nova Iguaçu/RJ

100,000 affordable house, at least 12,000 employment positions.

The projects are build in phases.

In addition to social gains, the financial returns are consequence of real estate valuation and flow of rentals payment and is expected to be minimum 10% p.y. expected to be 20% p.y.

SUD Model uses GIIN-IRIS Metrics (


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