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Business team working on a new business plan with modern digital computer. Top view shot.



May 2017
Agriculture is performing above other economic industries. HH concluded a valuation of a greenhouse producer that sells greenhouses in almost all 27 Brazilian States. It is an interesting business case. Value of the company amounted to R$25,000,000.00

April 2017
Irrigation company with average growth of 20% yearly and that has defined a strategy to become one of the Brazilian leader. Valuation amounted to R$40,000,000.00. Irrigation in Brazil is forecasted to grow 10 times in the next 5 years.

April 2017
Local water treatment company mandated HH for the search of buyers since the company has no successor. For new comers it is a very interesting opportunities.

March 2017
HH has been mandated to acquire in name of a player portfolio of Security clients.

December 2016

Buffet CasaBlanca.Gastronomia has hired HH for a strategy repositioning, HH has been working in the change management consultancy that will enable the client to expand its business.

November de 2016
HH has a business case in the logistic industry, with a sale mandate for two companies competitors but without successors. Total value of both companies together amounts  R$58,000,000.00.


October 2016
HH was mandated to sell a security small company acting in the State of São Paulo. Consolidation is the present driver in this market.

June  2016
Impact Investment :
Study and metric proposition to Landinvest SUD Model.

Corporate Finance
Funding Project – crowdfunding Letratatil

Abril 2016
Autoparts dealer – Cared

March /April 2016
HH concluded a coaching consultancy for The Box, improving relationship between brothers that were partners..

2015 -2016
Board Member– Sulserra Transportes Ltda.

Change Management Consulting
HH restored the economic and financial balance – Sulserra Transportes Ltda.

Business Plan
For a start-up comany that aimed to have an app for mindfulness – Atençã

2011 – 2013
Change Consulting management for a Graphic and FINEP funding raise. – Efeito Visual.

When the site was modernized HH had a history of 25 change management Consulting cases. Herein the industries HH has developed success cases: engine company, leather accessories company, public transportation, courtines, environment solutions, health products commerce, metalurgy, real state incorporation, drinking water company, hotel business, auto parts dealer, human resources consulting company, education, retail business, financial entity, electronic components.

We respect our confidentially agreements, some clients do not allow disclosure.