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HH Inteligência


We are a consulting firm that supports people, companies and organizations in their grow and economic balance goals.


Growth and development:

Business and people are increasingly interconnected. Evolution has been exponential. No company or organization is the same as another. We know that. The HH Intelligence through its entrepreneurship and its collaborative and interactive actions brings to clients customized effective solutions and concrete results.

Cláudia Hausner

Studied economics at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, then concluded a Master in Business Administration  in Finance at Ibmec and a Master in Business Economics in Risk Management at Fipe.

After 25 years as executive C level at the financial Market, she decided to found HH Inteligência. Her banking career was developed in capital markets, structured finance and investment banking areas. She had a local and international agenda.

In 2006, she decided to provide to the Middle Market companies management Consulting. HH INTELIGÊNCIA is a change management Consulting firm. The reason that pushed this decision was that visiting and doing financial transactions with the middle Market it was clear that the companies had interesting products, great solutions and innovative business propositions but the entrepreneurs had management gaps.

Planning, thinking strategically, analyzing Market data, defining strategic position were weak points that a management Consulting firm could address.

Key products need key people and key management tools.

HH was prepared to act there and improve company´s results.

Sustain clients growth and developments was our foundation pillar.

With time and Market demand we added to change management Consulting  the  development of business plans, valuation and coaching. Then again Market demanded M&A support, since 2014 we have been actively supporting M&A transactions (local sellers, international buyers). Since 2015 we understood that social investment is the solution for a better world and we have been preparing ourselves to act in this Market as well.

HH  transforms strategy in results


Growth  needs support.

Companies shall be economically and financially sustainable.

Market requires constant repositioning.

Planning, planning and planning, makes the difference.

Corporate finance must be simple.

Quantic jump is possible.

Coaching is coaching.



We make the difference


Hands on, objectivity, focused on desired results.


Loyalty. Spirit of initiative.

Alignment of objetives.

Know how and skills.

Binding the clients` intelligence to ours, that strengthens success.

Aggregate value must be present all the time.


We take picture of situation, we focus on problem recognition, the team client and HH enter into solution discussion and consequent  implementation decisions.

Our outputs are tailored to client.


Since born the slogan was we transform Strategy into results. So, this is our DNA.

Technical solution have to be implemented by normal people, so training and enabling people to perform is important to HH Inteligência.

Solutions shall provoke culture change. Important that sustainable solutions last.

Companies are demanded to overcome challenges every minute.  A Consulting firm can focus on changes and help implement them. External elements, like a consulting company can sometimes better deal with anxieties, pressures and manage time constrains, because its focus is the change.

HH Inteligência  evolves constantly.