Do you know the market value of your company?

On yearly basis HH Inteligencia offers a workshop on key topics, mainly base on market demand. Claudia Hausner is a member of The Chamber of Commerce of São Paulo  (ACSP) and among other commission takes part of the Young Entrepreneurs Commission (Fórum de Jovens Empreendedores da ACSP – Distrital Oeste).

The Young Entrepreneurs Commission invites members, associates and entrepreneurs to the following Workshop:

Do you know the market value of your company?

In times of crisis, many business owners think that the best way is to sell their business. Large consultancies and international audit firms say the market is a buyer.


Are you ready to sell?



  • Every company is built to generate value
  • Tangible and intangible values, where are they?
  • Building value
  • Valuation models: characteristics, implications, use, results
  • Statistics on the behavior of the M&A market
  • 7 market errors
  • Cases


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